December 21st, 2007

Saturday, December 22

Panel 1: WHAT IN THE BLOODY HELL?! Tell me I'm the only one who thought, on first glance, that that was Elly.

At any rate, so that's Mr. Domestic. Can't even chop carrots (what IS it with these people and carrots) without cutting himself.

Panel 2: Oh. Ha ha. Well, I think I have to give him props. It's not the funniest joke in the world, but it's not a lame pun, and it required forethought. So chalk one up for "funny," although "honest, hard-working, smart and kind" are still not in evidence.

Panel 3: So what are we at now? Francie is older than Merrie? Or Francie and Merrie have both been accelerated? Doesn't explain Robin, though, unless he's special needs and that's something we're also supposed to take for granted.

Panel 4: Uh...Is he just going to go on indefinitely, letting Francie think he's lost a finger? Is he going to be like my cousin Jack Ponz, set up a joke and then get to drinking beer and forget to do the payoff? ETA: Is this supposed to be an object lesson? Or is it asking for trouble, like Francie will spend years thinking fingers will spontaneously regenerate?

Meanwhile, though, Liz has her hair down! Odd: usually for special occasions she adds some curls to the bun. Looks good, though!