December 20th, 2007

Friday, December 21

Panel 1: What an odd angle. It looks like an artist's conception of a 2007 kitchen in 1966.

Panel 2: And there's Train Man! Is his "Whoa!" a comment on the pie scent, or April's grimace? Because April looks like she's smelling something UNpleasant.

Panel 3: Where he was staying out of the way, like all good men in the Foobiverse.

Panel 4: Yeah, man. Don't Pattersons ever WAIT to eat?

Panel 5: WTF? Just get on with the proposal already. I wonder how big a backlog of Coffee Talk letters there'll be when the Lynnions come back from winter break. Kool-Aiders will be crying for joy. Snarkers will be choking on their own vomit.