December 19th, 2007

Thursday, December 20

Panel 1: And now it's Jim and Iris. The way we keep cutting from one house to another really gives the impression that Lynn's gearing up for something big. "Tonight, tonight/Won't be just any night/Tonight there will be no morning star..."

And yes, they haven't been over to see his family in a while, because leaving their house is an ordeal. The question is, how often has his family come to VISIT?

Panel 2: Do they really get on his nerves? I've hardly seen Jim interact with Robin or Merrie; I don't have a clear idea of how he regards them. Iris may be putting words in his mouth. Or perhaps it's a given that everyone in the Foobiverse hates kids.

Panel 3: "Because I say so."

Panel 4: I want to cry.