December 17th, 2007

Tuesday, December 18

Panel 1: Okay, so it's going to be at the Pattermanse. What is Deanna pulling out of the oven? That looks like something you put on the stovetop. She has no face, her butt juts out, and she's wearing an apron. Assimilation complete.

Panel 2: Oh, the turkey. Well, the pan looked awfully deep in the first panel. And evil Mira's going to be there! Bread and potatoes. How quaint. What an odd question from Merrie, though. Did she mean presents rather than food? And does Deanna really need an oven mitt for the turkey baster?

Panel 3: And Granthony will be there. Presumably with Francie. And why salads, plural? And Iris brings wine. She probably needs about a gallon, with all she's been going through. And yep, it looks like Merrie meant presents.

Panel 4: Here comes the anvil.

Panel 5: Like she cares, Dee. Well, at least it was not a presents/presence pun.

Just out of curiosity, is Merrie's attitude typical? Perhaps I was just conditioned a certain way, but I never counted on presents from anyone except my parents. They were the only ones who knew for sure when my birthday was, and as far as Christmas, well, they wouldn't skip Christmas, right? (Or so I thought, until I was 12.) Beyond that, Grandma != presents, nor anyone else. But then, I got such short shrift, presents were the least of my worries.