December 14th, 2007

Saturday, December 15

Okay, here's the HelloMetro link, if Yahoo is not working for you.

Panel 1: OMFG. I was hoping Therese would never acknowledge Liz. Instead she's apologizing to her. She should never have gone to the mall?! It's a public place, you know. Should she never put gas in her car because she might meet a Patterson? And she hoped WHAT would never happen? That she'd see her daughter? Or that she'd see her with Liz? And Francie is still desperate. But notice that Therese is at least being civil, unlike someone else Liz knows.

Panel 2: Therese looks genuinely upset. At least we get that. Francie has April's old hair. And Liz is way too close and way too interested in all this. And of course "visit sometime" is NOT ENOUGH. Therese = Fail.

Panel 3: And here comes Granthony. No wonder Therese is getting the hell out. And of course, "promise" means nothing when she says it. Not like when Mike promises to spend more time with his family. Saying IS doing when a Patterson is the say-er.

Panel 4: Well, who didn't see that coming. All Hail Elizabeth. Nevermore will she be spoken of as Liz. What's Granthony's stance all about? Does he want to talk to Therese, or push her down the escalator? And heads up, Liz: just "being there" does not erase the issues between Francie and her bio-mom. Who, for the fortieth time, should not mean so much to someone who was not even verbal at the time of the divorce.


-- I was at the mall today. Saw plenty of children under 5. In strollers. Standing on a chair in the food court. Running aimlessly. And babbling nonsense. There was one little girl who couldn't even pronounce "Spongebob." Truth be told, I could hardly understand a word out of any of them.

-- One of the Coffee Talk letters praised Granthony for "making sure that Liz doesn't spend the night." My first reaction to that was, "Yeah, imagine those two having an overnight. Not a chance in hell." Then I started thinking about the GV. Why is Lynn so coy about that? We know she thrived on the attention she got for Lawrence Comes Out, and for Farley Dies. Why didn't she ever do Liz Decides To Wait For Marriage, or Liz Sacrifices Her Virginity on the Altar of Love? Why all the coyness? If she was afraid of the moral majority's reaction, she could have had Liz say in so many words that she, like Deanna, was Not That Kind of Girl. And if she wanted a departure from that, why not have a clear indication that it happened? Offscreen, of course, but there could have been a boudoir scene set up with candles and junk, or failing that, Liz could have been seen discussing it with Candace or someone. Why not go for the trifecta of Controversial Storylines? Instead, we had April smooching Gerald, and Elly reacting as if that ended April's virginity!