December 13th, 2007

Friday, December 14

Panel 1: Okay, so Therese crouches down towards Francie, uses her full name, and tells her to settle down. Good signs, IMO, but probably to be used against her. Like, why is she so formal in the use of her name, and why is she saying "settle down" when she should be enveloping her in a joyous hug? Still, I'd be saying "settle down" too, the way Francie is carrying on. And Liz looks like she's waiting for a starter pistol to go off.

Panel 2: And away from Liz! Therese truly looks pained, although we don't yet know precisely why. Liz looks hurt. Too frakking bad.

Panel 3: Liz, get lost. And how long is a long time? To be fair, a week could seem like a long time to Little Cedilla, but not be long enough for her to forget what Maman looks like. And of course Therese has been busy, with her eeeeevil career.

Panel 4: I'm not wild about the use of the word "didn't," as in "wasn't that enough?" as opposed to "did," as in, "I hope you did." Still, it's an awkward moment. And Liz, why are you still sitting there?

Panel 5: Thank heavens Liz is in silhouette.