December 12th, 2007

Thursday, December 13

Panel 1: No, Liz, Francie is not fascinated by the audioanimatronic snowman. Nor is your description helpful. This is because you are talking as if to a 2 1/2 year old, and your words are being heard by a 5 y/o. (Or a 7 y/o, perhaps.) You'd better figure out what age she is before she goes missing, though, which she will next panel.

Panel 2: Or...not. OMGWTFBBQ. Who predicted this? I think at least one person got it on the nose, that Therese would appear at the mall.

Panel 3: Oh nooooooo. Oh, there is no downward limit on demonizing Therese, is there. ETA: And why is Liz calling "Wait!"? There's no crowd for Francie to get lost in. She might be concerned about the kid tripping, but it sounds much more like "Francie, wait! That woman is evil! Don't go near her! Or at least let me accompany you to shield you from the Franco-Canadian radiation!"

Panel 4: Oh, okay. She was expressing dismay at the sight of Liz, not rejecting Francie. Well, in that case, I know how she feels.

Panel 5: STFU, Liz. And stop acting like this is or should be a problem for you.

Once again, I apologize. I lingered late watching TV with Cookie Monster. Every time I post late, there's a plot development. OTOH, perhaps I should make a habit of it. Anyway, apologies to anyone who was champing at the bit waiting to post.