December 11th, 2007

Wednesday, December 12

"Quotes": Two.

"An'"s: One.

Panel 1: Is Francie wandering off? Or is Granthony holding onto the hood of her parka with that arm that's twisted behind his back? And what are they whispering about? They're going to buy that "cutest thing" for Francie? Who appears to be in her own little world.

Panel 2: For a second there, I thought "You Know Who" was Evil Therese. Like she disapproves of everything Granthony gives Francie, or she tries to outdo him with bigger and better presents, like Evil Mira does. But he means Francie. Who I do believe is going to disappear as we predicted.

Panel 3: Oh, she's still there. And still glaring at Liz. And I'm so sure they can accomplish all this in twenty minutes. Anyway, Lynn, these days people can call each other on their cells when they've completed their mission, instead of binding themselves to a set time.

Panel 4: Liz, just STOP. Stop giving her every opportunity to dis you.

Panel 5: And Liz is so upset she wets herself. And I knew she could overhear all that whispering! The question is, what is "you know what"? The toy Granthony's going to buy? And Francie shows the first sign of Pattersonism: smiling with smugly closed eyes.