December 7th, 2007

Saturday, December 8th

Panel 1: Oh, such passion! But Kool-Aid Nation will mostly see the romance-novel silhouette, the fact that Liz did wait, and the way their (mundane) statements echo each other. And tomorrow will be Santa Day. Wonder if we'll see it? Probably not.

Panel 2: Sigh...It's almost like they're singing to each other, isn't it? Like in Sound of Music. Ahem. ::spits out Kool-Aid:: And she's still pushing him away.

Panel 3: OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. She is not shipping out to Iraq! No wait, I get it: they're NOT having sex.

Panel 4: Because you're a leech, a cipher, who only stays when she's not welcome and runs away when she's wanted?

Panel 5: Francie, I think that doll is for the chop. And I wonder if there's any double meaning as far as Francie opening the door to let in Liz's wondrous love. Anyway, did she climb down from the top bunk, or did she fall over that flimsy railing?