December 6th, 2007

Friday, December 7

I am covered in shame. I forgot to put up a placeholder. I know it's December 7th, but please don't dive-bomb me!

Panel 1: Whoa. The dialogue sounds like he's challenging her. "So you want me all to yourself? Well, t.s.!" His expression looks like he's patronizing her. "Aw, you have an emotional attachement to your only parent. They're so cute when they're this age."

Panel 2: WHAT?! Oh, you bastard! I doubly beg forgiveness for not opening a thread so people could comment on this! He's BRIBING her?! Using SANTA as leverage?! That's lower than Mike. At least Mike doesn't jerk his kids around. And really, Granthony comes off like he's babysitting Francie; trying whatever works.

Oh, and notice how he promised ELIZABETH. Can't let HER down.

Panel 3: Oh, you've GOT to be kidding me. Liz's feelings are not what's important here! Stop playing your fucking kindergarten games!

Panel 4: Granthony, die in a fire. And without that smug look on your face, as your daughter gives you that forlon look. Your daughter needs you to do something WITH HER. ALONE. To hell with the GGV.

I feel ill.