December 4th, 2007

Wednesday, December 5

"Quotes": One.

Panel 1: Man, Francie looks like one of those Victorian bathos paintings. Shapeless dark dress, high forehead, clutching a doll and looking forlorn. And where's she headed -- down to the basement, to her cage? Anyway, yes, Liz, Francie is Granthony's "girl." That's because she IS a little girl. YOU should be acting like an adult. That way Francie wouldn't get confused.

BTW, I goofed yesterday. I called her Francine; her name is Francoise. Perhaps I should call her Little Cedilla?

Panel 2: I don't know if it works that way, Granthony. Francie probably doesn't have much memory of Therese at all (especially since, as the Yahoovians have it, Francie NEVER saw her at all, period). Liz != Therese to her. You're talking at cross-purposes, it seems. You're thinking of Liz as New Mom, and Liz and Francie are both thinking New Daughter.

And Lynnions, stop giving Liz a wattle. Unless it's the Yahoo colorists doing it.

Panel 3: Sure she will, Liz. Sure she will. After all, you have such an awesome rapport with your sister and your niece. And something tells me Francie is going to literally come between them.

Panel 4: Did Francie leap into Granthony's arms, or did he lift her up? And Liz, spare us the fake-ass empathy. She doesn't want you touching her.