December 3rd, 2007

Tuesday, December 4

Here's the HelloMetro link, in case Yahoo doesn't come up soon.

Panel 1: Okay, Francine's back to a normal size and clinging to Ant. Although Ant seems to have shrunk too. He also looks older than his years; I guess the effect of losing the 'stache has worn off. So I'm going to call him Granthony again. Meanwhile, Liz is getting up, and seems to be smirking. Is she recalling those false memories again, about being four months old and taunting Mike?

And I'm not sure I like the approach Granthony is taking. The first thing he does is tell Francie she's not nice. Then he says Liz was there first. But remember who was in the house first, huh? And since Francie is back to a normal size, there's no reason why she can't sit wif Granthony and Liz both, so she's simply refusing to share Daddy wif Ice Cream Lady. Hold on tight, Francie!

Panel 2: Ooh, Liz is going to pretend she has domestic skills, to further impress Granthony! Francie is glaring Liz away, and Granthony looks crestfallen. Is Liz going to have to placate him, too?

Panel 3: Sure enough, Francie doesn't remember that she wanted to keep Liz. Still, that's not necessarily a retcon. Two-year-olds have the attention span of a gnat, and saying "keep her" was outlandish anyway. Even if Francie might have said it, there's no way she'd grok that this would be what it meant. And Granthony set up the punchline by saying "share."

Panel 4: Awww. Seriously. And yes, Granthony, you have a big girl. Not a woman.

Panel 5: That's actually kind of amusing. Or it would be, if Lynn hadn't set it up so that nowadays, the subject matter is too heavy for cute punchlines.