December 2nd, 2007

Monday, December 3

Many thanks to amandathegreat! Kudos to you for bringing the snark after weeks of being lulled into indifference!

Panel 1: Oh great; now Ant has to give Mike a tongue bath. This must be Ant's house, with Francie peeking around the corner. Is Ant reading the book right now? And Liz, Mike has been writing a long time, but I'm not sure he's always been awesome at it.

I remember once when Mike had been dumped by Martha, or thought he had, he reflected that "My heart has been crushed like a gumball in the cruel jaws of life!" That's not deep, but it's amusing. Perhaps he could write YA fiction.

Panel 2: Oh for god's sake. Is Francie ten all of a sudden? And I guess that's Stone Season, but it looks as thin as a magazine. And let's all "awwww" at the doting father.

Panel 3: Why do Liz and Ant have their feet on the table? It makes them look like teenagers. And ooh, Francie is sending Liz a message! Not a walk in the park after all, eh?

Panel 4: BURN!!!!

ETA: But Liz should not have set herself up like that. She constantly does this: basically gives people every opportunity to disrespect her, and then gets all butt-hurt when they do.

Also, I'm not sure I want to see the return of Therese. There was a time when she could have been presented as a reformed parent without making Liz appear to be an unworthy stepparent. But not now. She'd still be evil to some degree, so better she remain absent.