November 25th, 2007

Mistful Dreams

Sunday, November 24

Panel one: Dee runs after Robin, who is trying to run into a table and kill himself.

Panel two: He manages to hook himself under the table, and Dee is forced to pull him out. Q: If his legs are both dislocated, would the judge blame it on Dee or Mike? One's stressed and the other's negligent.

Panel three: Meredith pulls on her socks and Robin makes scrunchy faces. Elly is going to babysit!

Panel four: Robin's leg is bent around at a horribly unnatural angle. Meredith shows no signs of intelligence.

Panel five: Meredith is still not showing any signs of intelligence.

Panel six: Robin says 'whine', probably because his mother has her hand down his trousers. O_o Dee looks pretty shocked, too.

Panel seven: As Meredith begins to cry, Robin drops his trousers.

Panel eight: OH GOD THE DOORBELL RINGS. Dee is frozen in horror: what if it's Mike, come to upbraid her for letting the children be noisy? WHAT IF IT'S THE POLICE? WHAT IF THE NEIGHBOURS TELEPHONED THEM? OH NO!

Panel nine: Nope, it's Elly! Dee's relief is disturbing. Meanwhile, Meredith points and laughs at her trouserless brother.

And that's the end of my week. :D It's been fun, y'all.

Is amandathegreat here?

Amanda, you're the last guest snarker, but you're not a member of this community, so I can't give you posting access until you join. Do you still want to post this week? My bad: I should have checked sooner.

Anyway, many thanks to rainbowjehan for navigating Why Liz Is A Moron Week.

Monday, November 25

Oh... oh god. It's Mike.

Although frankly I could not tell at first. First panel, sure, booksigning, must be His Lordship. Second panel, though? Why is Elly signing Mike's book?

April tries in vain to get someone to say something nice about her in the third panel. Having personally endured low self-esteem, I can speak from firsthand experience about putting on a massive ego to compensate for it. (See also: My username.) It doesn't work all that well, but if you do it right, then it's funny and people will like you for that.

But alas, poor April, not even humorous overego will get anyone to pay attention to you. Nor will it work as a clever way of holding up a mirror to Mike's own ego. It will go unnoticed, except for by the woman in the fourth panel who has spontaneously appeared to vomit on Mike (the not-so-secret desire of all of us, I believe).

I am really going to have a hard time if this is a week of Mike.