November 24th, 2007

Mattress Sheep!

Saturday, November 24

Panel one: Mike talks to Liz. Is it just me or has Mike changed his nickname for Liz every time he talks to/about her? Consistency is all I ask! Meanwhile, Elly is sewing again. My mom never sewed this much.

Panel two: Mike describes Liz as 'icky-cute'. Soujin cannot improve upon that description, except maybe to cut the 'cute' part.

Panel three: Mike tells Liz she never gets into trouble. Oh, yeah? Then what was that the other day with the toilet-paper-unrolling and the lamp-unplugging and the newspaper-tossing?

Panel four: Give her time!, says Elly. Oh, yes, just a little time, and then she'll be fleeing from her home to try and hook up with some foreigner not of her own tribe! It's a good thing she got too old for that in the end.

This strip is pleasing in its irony. :P