November 21st, 2007

Mistful Dreams

Wednesday, November 21

Panel one: "Honestly, are you putting another frilly dress on that baby?" WHICH BABY? OH MY GOD THIS EXPLAINS SO MUCH. ...Nah, it's Liz. We see that Elly is already trying to dress her daughter up to catch the eyes of eligible young toddler males.

Panel two: John worries that Elly is treating Liz like a doll. Oh noes! Really, my mama dressed my sister and I in all the flounciest laciest things imaginable when we were teeny, and you know why? Babies basically are dolls. XD They're not much good for anything else when they're that small. The least you can do is make them cute to look at. Anyway, John, how do you know she's not? She basically grew up into a mannequin.

Panel three: Elly wants to know where John is taking Liz. Random transition panel.

Panel four: John is taking her out to show her off! Ha ha, the hypocrite caught in his own critical hippo-ness! Elly is sporting a smirk that would give Funky Winkerbean or Sally Forth a run for their money. John, meanwhile, is hideous.

Liz? Liz is made of plastic, you guys. Move along, nothing to see here.