November 20th, 2007

Mistful Dreams

Tuesday, November 20

Panel 1: Liz knocks stuff over, leaves what appears to be a half-eaten cookie (OR IS IT) on the floor, and--is that a hairdryer? Is it a vase? Wtf? Uh--yeah, we'll come back to that.

Panel 2: Liz unrolls all the toilet paper from the roll.

Panel 3: Liz rips up newspapers in the newspaper rack, and pulls all the leaves off a plant which inexplicably is close enough to the floor for her to reach. How long is the cord on that thing, Ms. Johnston? Yikes.

Panel 4: Elly suggests to her mother that a pause from ye olde needleworke would be expedient. Out of curiosity, is there a joke here in the fact that Liz is making noise this whole time? Or is it just a straightforward 'if you don't hear anything, something's wrong' gag? I can't tell.

Amazingly, we are expected to care.