November 19th, 2007

Lock the Doors and Call me Yours

Monday, November 19

It appears to be Liz!Week here at Foob Central. Given that she's infinitely less offencive than Mike, this should at least be bearable--but I have to say I find the flashback strips pretty depressing; they're mostly boring and they're easier to be apathetic towards. There's not as much snarkiness available because there's not as much sheer WTF.


In other news, the point of to-day's strip is neatly summed up thus:



Yeah. I got nothin'.

Where do we go from here?

Update! Come one, come all to the calvinsdad/Comics Casserole forum! For snark on other strips!

ETAAgain: amandathegreat is still in the pipeline as a guest snarker. So this week with rainbowjehan, then amanda, and then...?

I composed this in reply to adrianne, but I'd like to present it to the group at large and get feedback.

Cookie, will you ever be back as commentator???
I don't think I stand alone when I say, "You're commentary is missed!"

Well, thank you!

But I just don't want to be tethered to FOOB any more. Even if I put up placeholders and commented later, I'd still be committed to commenting every day. The hybrid does not inspire me to do that.

I've kept this blog open so people can vent at will. I've been mulling alternate methods.

1) Open the blog to all comers. I was, in fact, going to propose that yesterday and see if the majority was in favor of it. But then that parody was posted, that upset many people, and I felt I couldn't take the risk.

2) Post a week's worth of placeholders at once. Not feasible, I think, because many people would think the one at the top was the only one, and comment out of sequence. Plus, it would look like one of those rss feeds, and they don't get a lot of traffic.

3) Let someone else pick up the fallen torch on their own blog. But much of the appeal of the Foobiverse is that there's a thread each. and every. day. for each. and every. strip. I don't know if anyone else would be dedicated to that, and I won't ask it of anyone.

4) Have a weekly thread instead of a daily thread. There's really not a whole lot to say about these hybrids, after all! If talk about Funky, Luann et al was diverted to a different blog, a week's worth of commentary on FOOB wouldn't take up much space, I don't think. Plus, Lynn seems to want us to think of a week's worth of old strips as a cohesive whole, so comments could be tailored to that. "Yesterday we saw Liz doing this. Today we see her doing that. Is there a pattern? Well, kind of..." I could update the main entry as I go along.

I did like commenting, when I was doing it. But I truly hit my saturation point with the Shannon on the Mount sequence. And nothing that's happened since has given me renewed strength. I don't want to go cold turkey on FOOB, so perhaps the weekly-thread option is the best.