November 15th, 2007


Friday, November 16, 2007

Panel 1: Michael, unable to stomach the thought of someone being unaware of his genius, decides to start indoctrinating Liz early. He brags that he knows "lots of stuff," which apparently does not include knowing that "frontwards" is not actually a word. (We could chalk this up to his age, sure, but I think it's more of an omen that his dim grasp of the English language will continue right up through Stone Season).

Elizabeth smiles placatingly, but the curved motion lines show her flapping her arms up and down. Clearly, as she can neither crawl nor walk yet, she is trying to fly to escape her brother's self-aggrandizing spiel. Give it up, Liz: you'll be hearing it for the rest of your life.

Also, despite the fact that the past two weeks have been nothing but "Michael is a scamp" and "Michael gets in trouble for not being nice to Liz," John and Elly see nothing wrong with putting baby Elizabeth in a seat with no restraints sitting on a table, with only Mike to keep her from leaning forward and face-planting on the floor.

Panel 2: Michael suddenly develops a potbelly. "BLRGL?" Liz asks her brother, twisting and showing off her mad contortionist skills by rotating her right foot 180 degrees.

Surely there must be some reason for this panel. It kills the pacing and doesn't advance the storyline. Liz's intent expression and fist-waving indicate this is not mere baby talk. An acronym, maybe? "Brother, Liz Really Grows Lukewarm"? Aha! Michael is bragging about how smart he is, but Liz can already communicate in acronyms. Panel 2 is all about dramatic irony! Whew, glad we cleared that up. Lynn almost looked bad.

Panel 3: Michael wonders why everyone thinks Liz is wonderful no matter what she does. This would imply that Michael does not receive the same treatment. The strips selected for the hybrid, however, contradict his assertion.

Coffee Talkers quaff their midnight Kool-Aid and fire up their keyboards. "I know you will NEVER believe this, but when my child was a baby, I thought she was wonderful, TOO! How did you know I loved my baby? It's like you sneaked into my home and installed a camera in the spare time you had from foisting 90% of your artwork on somebody else! KUDOS!"