November 9th, 2007

  • trumanf

November 9, 2007

Teflon by design

As this week grinds to its miserable close, Friday's offering reminds us in the far upper reaches of Panel One that yes, Liz is supposedly still reminiscing about the halcyon days of youth for her sainted brother Michael. The entire week's content leaves me to wonder... just what in the hell is supposed to be so great about this punk?

He's wasteful, inconsiderate, stupid, destructive, lazy, friendless, and today we find that he has a filthy mouth. Yet Liz, whose blinders are apparently made of inch-thick steel and cover all but the irises of her eyes, sees him in the rosy glow of admiration.

Apparently Elly's lemonade stand yesterday managed to snare Mike a playmate, young Lawrence. Maybe he is the kid next door, but I suspect it's more like, he tripped and fell and just couldn't run away fast enough. But as they are playing together, Elly overhears some evidently spicy #*$ comics cursing. She tells him she doesn't want to hear that kind of language! So what does the smart, sensitive, theatrical little wonderboy do? He leads Lawrence away to the park, where he can continue his tirade of spoken filth unhindered by Nagging Mother Figure. Never mind that he KNOWS it's unacceptable language and if his own mother doesn't like it, the general public probably won't either; never mind that he ignores a direct order from her bitter, angry mouth, so quick to leap to conclusions and twice as swift to YELL her point at that.

You just don't say NO to Michael Patterson. Well, it won't do any good anyway. If there is anything April can take away from this week's revelations, is that she needs to keep on her saintly brother's good side. Evidently as Alpha Male of the family, Michael has been able to call the shots in the family from the get-go. As his satellite, she can bask in the glow of his radiance, issuing no true light of her own but able to reflect a measure of his brilliance.

Commence vomiting.