November 7th, 2007

  • trumanf

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bronzing Frankenstein

Well bless my soul. Today's Foob offering was actually a good one. Look, y'all! Take pictures; get it bronzed. It doesn't happen often.

What it is, is John is seating feeding Lizzie her bottle. Notice that she is much much younger than Liz's flashback was supposed to be at the first of this round of retcon; she's a BABY. Still, the fact that she is alive and breathing and not, say, still a zygote, means that she is perfectly capable of remembering this occasion. Now why is Truman being so hateful in pointing this out? well, that's because the retcons are supposed to be the Patterfoobs' stroll down memory lane, and not simply to run the strips. Oh, but since no one has done this before and Lynn's still feeling her way with this all-new concept of retconning, we're supposed to give her a break.

uh.... no. Not all of us, and not much of one.

So! Panel Two is a Ka-SMASH! as the bottle shoots out of John's hand and Liz is startled as hell.

Panel Three is darling little Mikey, that lovable, infinitely forgivable little scamp, as he peeks around the doorway and says, it's okay, nothin' fell.

Yes, it's funny. Why would he say nothin' fell as opposed to any other kind of noisemaking event, if that wasn't what happened, kids are so funny, I remember when my own child was that small and made comments like that, isn't it so appealing, I need to call my mother and reminisce with her about reading it with her as I grew up. Only my mother is dead now, so that's sort of hard to do, but hey.

On its own, it's a good day's strip and it brings a smile to the face of even a veteran snarker like me. But since this is a retcon and being retconned as Elizabeth fondly remembering how smart and sensitive and theatrical her blessed Delicate Genius brother Mike was, the smile tends to fade a little.

If  Lynn wants to zombie the strip, then let her zombie it but for God's sake, this is not exactly a zombie, it's a Frankenstein. Living tissue of something that should have died some time back.