October 30th, 2007

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Quote of the day:

This is like deja vu all over again.
Yogi Berra

Really.  Didn't we just see this strip very recently?

Anyhow, we have returned to flashback land.    I believe we have had the conversation on infant memories, but it does puzzle me how Liz, who appears to be an approximately 8 month old infant in this strip could be relating this story to Apes.

I really like the onomatopoeia in panel two.  Gwog! 

Sparky's influence is strong in young Lynn.  Liz looks very much like Sally in the final panel.

On its own, I like the strip.  It's cute, and reminds me of when my own kids were that age. (Pass the Island Berry Punch flavor please.)