October 29th, 2007

Monday, October 29

My apologies, I lost internet connection last night around 9 pm, which is an hour before the yahoo posts.

Panel 1 – April is a conehead.





JSTF and Elly are devoted to helping Iris with Jim.  We know this because Lynn says so.



Panel 2 ~ The Liz/Dee morph is nearly complete.  April looks nothing like she did in panel one.


Liz/Dee is doing the new “haul your laundry around the Pattermanse” workout.


Panel 3 ~ Apes wants to fill the huge gaps of time she has since she will no longer be part of the Greatest Band Evah.  I am a bit confused though.  Apes quit the band last week because she didn’t have time for it.  Why is she sitting around bored out of her gourd now?


Panel 4 ~ Whoa.  Party time.  Make sure you get the designated driver, ladies.


Reflections ~ Why did Liz haul her laundry to Pattermanse/TTH (so hard to tell where they are) just to haul it back to the laundromat?  Did she bring it with the intention of having Elly do it for her?  Doesn’t Liz’s apartment have laundry facilities?  What about Mike’s book?  Has he signed the deal with Spielburg yet?  Damnit Lynn!  How can you leave these loose ends like this?! 

Tuesday October 30

Will Granthony save Liz from the horrors of laundry?  Has Apes forgiven Liz for the Harmonica?  Stay tuned to..."As the Dryer Turns" 

The answer to these questions:  We just don't know.  Instead, we are subjected to another week of flashbacks about Liz and Michael as children.  Yipee.

I will not subject you to the panel by panel recap.  Sleeping while computing can be hazardous to your health.

Well, thats ok Lynn.  I know you were super busy preparing for the PBS show about your BFF Sparky, so I'm cool with the phone it in bit.

Sigh...I actually miss the days when Lynn would make me yell WTF (and I did, litterally yell "Dubya-Tee-Eff") at the computer.

Here is your quote of the day:

An author is a fool who, not content with boring those he lives with, insists on boring future generations.
Charles de Montesquieu