October 28th, 2007


Sunday, October 28

First of all, I can't say how impressed I am that we got through a whole week without so much as a mention of Mike's Book.

First Panel: Of course, the unspoken half of the inquiry runs along the lines of "You're the only one with an ass as big as my ego."

Second Panel: I disagree, Deanna, but way to stick up for your mother-in-law.

Third and Fourth Panels: Where is this costume party being held, I wonder, that the mandate has come down about cross-dressing? My initial reaction would be to assume that it's at Mike's workplace, but then I remembered that he doesn't have a real job. I also get the impression that wherever it is, Deanna's not invited, since there's no mention of what she's going to be wearing.

Panels Five, Six, and Seven: Okay, they're being frugal, fine. But why on earth does Mike need a large bust? Will they stuff his cleavage with crumpled-up pages of Stone Season?

Panel Eight: Mike manages to look even more smug and self-satisfied than usual. Considering the context, I find that so very disturbing.

Panel Nine: No, he doesn't. But the fact that Deanna is this enthusiastic about the sight of her husband in a dress tells me more about her than I ever wanted to know.

Panel Ten: Lady, you have no idea. She's a Patterspouse. She's not just understanding, she's a doormat.

This concludes my week; I'm sorry, I know I kind of sucked at this. Thanks for letting me take a shot at it anyway.


Thanks to ladynorbert, who had to deal with a very aggravating week! I would say "Kudos to you," but Kool-Aid Nation has ruined that word for me. Now it's albuquirkymom's second go-round. Wonder if it'll be more Lizthony? As I've said, I wouldn't be surprised if Lynn just quietly backs away from this hybrid nonsense.