October 22nd, 2007


Monday, October 22

*points the icon toward Michael Patterson* Hi-ho, everyone, this is Kermit the Frog your placeholder post. I won't be able to view the strip until tomorrow morning, so until I get my snarktastic groove on, feel free to comment here about the latest bit of tripe.

(Edited to put the date in the subject line, sorry!)

Monday, October 22 -- the actual post

Panel One: Well, the best thing I can say for this panel is that at least Lynn didn't try to invent any teen slang. I find "Aw-right!" to be utterly cringeworthy, but that's me. So Gerald has "totally arranged" for their band to be THE BAND on something called Wicked Wednesday. I'm not sure what that means -- are there no other bands performing? Or is 4Evah & Eva just the best of the (very sad) lot?

Panel Two: April's more concerned with giving up Halloween than with making the gig. I'd be interested for some explanation as to why. Maybe Gerald went and made these arrangements without consulting the others? But Eva and Duncan and that third yahoo don't seem fussed. Maybe they made the arrangement without consulting April -- that's a recurring theme in her life.

Panel Three: Interesting. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the band April's idea in the first place? Why does she suddenly not want to be on "the ladder of success"?

Panel Four: I won't even touch on the Fleetwood Mac reference. "Sitting on the stump of mediocrity" IS pretty funny. But yeah, Apes, why the sudden desire to go your own way? Are you listening to those of us who write in to Coffee Talk and urge you to run, run, run while you can? Or have you come to the abrupt realization that your life amounts to nothing next to that of your magnficent brother, so there's no point in even continuing to try? Maybe going her own way involves an ill-fated search for the Northwest Passage; I think I'd consider freezing to death a viable option when compared with once again having to hear how great Michael is, which is probably all her parents can talk about right now.