October 13th, 2007

beer freezer

Sunday 14th October 2007

My sincerest apologies for the late delivery, folks. I was out to dinner with a friend and it ran later than I'd expected :/

Behold, our first Flashback Sunday. And WHAT a trainwreck it is.
Apparently poor Merrie is STILL trapped at her father's side and Michael is still totally oblivious to the drama going on with poor Grandpa. Clearly the larger Patterson home has a Reality-Blocking force-field around it, which immediately explains the last 28 years.

Even back then, Lynn just made up any old crap. A SOCK clogs a vacuum, not a ring.
And of course it's perfectly okay to let a small child play with the power cord while the vacuum is running. Even Young Genius' pose(and strangely nonchalant demeanour for a pre-schooler) seems to hint that to him, his mother is but a serf to furnish his every whim and provide instant delivery of Batman ring at all times.

I dunno about how YOU clear out vacuums, but I know I don't press the pipe to my eye that hard. And if I DO have to run errands, I CHECK IN THE MIRROR before I leave.

Meanwhile, in the final panel, the children are clearly from a different dimension, bearing no relatable scale to their mother.

Well, at least a boring week where absolutely nothing narratively satisfying happened was tempered with a Sunday like this.

Thank you all, I apologise again for the late last delivery.
I hand you back over to our humble moderator to pass the baton.