October 11th, 2007

beer freezer

Friday October 11, 2007

Old strip. Yawner.

Is it me, or is this the same punchline as yesterday? FOUL, Lynn!

Frame 1: Elly, who was apparently 8 feet tall in her younger years, totters over with her Peanuts-faced spawn. Some kind of sick wish-fulfillment on Lynn's part?

Frame 2: Dressing stylishly = serial dater on the make as loose as the slots in Reno.
Little Lawrence looks over at his playmate Michael and wonders why he feels funny.

Frame 3: Connie's expression could not be more 'ALLLLLLWAYS about you, isn't it Elly?'
Her eye direction appears to be directed more at little Lizzie than Elly. So that's where the diaper reference comes from.
So children of single mothers don't get meatloaf? Poor Lawrence, what's so mundane and horrible about a nice meatloaf?

Frame 4: Lynn. Suck it.
Knowing what kind of parent Lynn turned out to be, Elly probably WOULD swap. At least then the kids would get a decent meal other than the quintessential glop-in-a-pot. And Connie would get free dental advice!