October 9th, 2007

beer freezer

Wednesday October 10th, 2007

Panel 1:
Lynn. Don't ever EVER attempt to draw 3 point perspective again. Hell, I suck at it and I could do better than this. The hospital looks like it's crossing an event horizon.

Iris does lots of telling. This strip is good at that, you know.
Also, Lynn used to be friends with some guy who, I dunno, drew a strip about a round-headed kid and a beagle. Alert the presses.

I have to hand it to Iris, she has shown a marked improvement in her assertiveness levels. It's like she's wised up to the fact that her step-daughter is only making the most token of efforts and it's IRIS who will govern who sees Jim and when.

Study Elly's body language in this. It is totally passive. She is led everywhere by Iris and shows no glimmer that she knows where she is and why. And check out panel 3, there are those hands in pockets again! She's not even PRETENDING to care anymore.
Connie keeps a respectful distance, as good manners dictate.

Last panel: Uh-huh. Sure, Elly. If she puts in even ten times the effort she put into caring for her own father, Iris will be dead in a week.
Luckily, Iris' expression has 'YOU??' written all over it.

Flee, dear, Iris! Flee to the park and the pond, the ducks will protect you from the biggest Honker of them all!