October 8th, 2007

beer freezer

Tuesday October 9th, 2007

The way Elly described it yesterday, Jim sounded like he was on a definite rebound. Sitting up, aware of surroundings, unable to speak.

This strip demonstrates either she actually hasn't seen Jim for a week and was just making shit up to tell Connie something, ANYTHING, or someone reset her spectacle lenses with frozen cran-cherry Jello - because today we are seeing hard reality. Is this a man capable of eating? He has an IV line in and can barely BREATH! No, Elly. I'd say casually planning where to park the poor old git next is not a pressing concern. Settling affairs, that's probably better.

For the rest of us, THIS is confirming what we'd hoped for Jim. The end is probably near.
Look at that Jelly-face. I'm sure Lynn was going for 'strong facade, foundations crumbling', but I'm seeing more 'JEEZ, this is taking AGES, I have to get home before April eats the dogs! I'll leave you to it, Iris...'

In other features, 75% of all FOOB back-shots of heads will look like Deanna. No exceptions.
Panel 3 is hysterical.
Elly: I brought you some home-made pudding (see, the freshness date is still good!)
Iris: "I'll give it to him later, dear"
It's not hard to imagine the tone of voice Iris spoke in, there. Rather quiet, monotone with heavy undercurrents of 'Gosh, THANKS, Madame Invisible Offspring, maybe the nurses will IV it straight to his withered, fragile old veins. Get the hell out of my sight, you useless lump of fail'.

I don't think he's trying to smile, Iris, I think he's trying to enjoy one last satisfying fart.

Any attempt by Lynn to hybridise this when Jim's peaceful exit is so tantalisingly near is just cause to re-invade Canada, who's with me?