September 29th, 2007

Mama's Sweet Boy
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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fun with Merrie and Robin!

See Merrie. See Teddy. See Merrie tie a noose on Teddy.

Die Teddy, die!

See Robin. See Robin's nose. See Robin's nose develop what looks like gangrene.

Rot, Robin, rot!

See Robin. See JonBenet Ramsey. See JonBenet Ramsey's left foot. See Robin's right leg. See the elaborate background. See Lynn pay attention to stuff that nobody gives a fuck about while ignoring the things that matter!

Retire, Lynn, retire!

See SuperTeddy. See Scary Daddy. See SuperTeddy hit Scary Daddy. See Lynn incorporate a phrase that appeared three weeks ago, which all but the most dedicated snarkers and imbibers of Kool-Aid have forgotten. See Lynn congratulate herself on putting the 'b' in subtle!

Suck it, Lynn, suck it!

See Robin. See Merrie. See Zippy the Pinhead. See Zippy the Pinhead chase Robin and Merrie. See Zippy the Pinhead chase Robin and Merrie over what looks like the moon. See Robin and Merrie set up and complete a lame punchline. See Lynn chuckle at her own wit.

Bite me, Lynn, bite me!

See ellcee. See ellcee roll her eyes. See ellcee tell Dancing in Socks Guy how much she hates this strip. See Dancing in Socks Guy wonder whether or not her should tell ellcee to find something else to waste her time on. See Dancing in Socks Guy think better of that and say, "Yeah, it's pretty awful." See ellcee wonder why she bothers. See ellcee think of her fellow snark pals and smile. Snarkers are fun! Snarkers are nice! Snarkers were nice to ellcee when she guest-hosted!

Thank you, snarkers, thank you!

See alladinsane. See alladinsane take over next week. See ellcee wish alladinsane good luck!

Good luck, alladinsane, good luck!


See ellcee. See ellcee realize she still has one more day to snark! Ellcee is happy! Happy, ellcee, happy!

Mama's Sweet Boy
  • ellcee

Sunday, September 30, 2007

With Apologies to Lord Byron

She walks in fugly, like her mother
With ill-fitting clothes and unflattering glasses;
And all that's worst of noses and asses
Meet in her face and her body:
Thus devolved as did her brother
To an eerie maternal copy.

One bump the more, one bulge the less,
Could not repair the lack of grace
Which whimpers in every dishwater tress,
Or sullenly scours o'er her face;
Where thoughts inanely dull express
How banal, how trite their dwelling-place.

And on that bed, and in that closet,
So dirty, so disgusting, so redolent,
Of reeking clothes, the rank deposits,
That tell of days full slothful spent,
A filthy sock, a slob who'll wear it,
A woman ever adolescent.