September 22nd, 2007

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Saturday, September 22nd

Today's FOOB: Whoever said that today's strip would involve Mike telling Merrie about how G.Pa Jim told him that he's too old for SuperTeddy, come and get your imaginary prize.

I don't like how Jim's talking to Young Mike in this strip; he just sounds so condescending, especially in the third panel. Maybe it's him telling Young Mike that he's a "big boy" that gives me that impression; adults that condescend to young kids is a pet peeve of mine.

Today's Funky Cancercancer: Les shows Jess a list that the Hospice nurse gave him of stuff that he needs. Turns he was talking to the right person, as she is an expert in shopping. A teenage girl that loves to shop: I've never seen that before. :rolls eyes:

BONUS: I saw this link that deals with the sound effects and background text in FOOB strips that I thought would be of interest to people here. It's a little long, so if you choose not to read it, I totally understand. :)

Beyond the Balloon: Sound Effects and Background Text in Lynn Johnston's For Better or For Worse: