September 20th, 2007

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Thursday, September 20th

My fourth day as guest snarker is here already. Time goes so fast when you're having fun. ;)

Today's FOOB is once again an original; Marian is playing with Real Young Liz and saying that she enjoys being a grandma because she can pass the kids back over to Elly when they are tired. We then hear the typical joke of how, as a grandma, she doesn't have to deal with feedings, diapers and tears, then moans about why "those wonderful years go by so fast".

Meanwhile in today's Funky, a lady who I assume is the Hospice nurse, tells Les that Lisa's systems are slowly shutting down and that the job is to concentrate on keeping her pain-free. It looks like this strip is the first of several strips showing Lisa's last few days. :(

PS: Chapter 7 of Windjammer! is up and ready to read.
Community - Wah Wah Wah!

And the awards keep coming....

Lynn to be honoured by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Posted: September 20, 2007

Kansas City (09/20/2007) American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) will present a 2007 Media Award to "For Better or For Worse" cartoonist Lynn Johnston on Friday, Nov. 16, during the Association’s 2007 Convention in Boston.

Johnston is being honored for creating a character in her comic strip afflicted with Aphasia, a disorder that results from damage to the brain’s language center. The condition, which may produce difficulty in speaking, listening, reading or hearing, is often the result of a stroke or traumatic brain injury. In the plotline, based on Johnston’s own family, the grandfather suffers a stroke. Johnston shares with readers the man’s difficulties, as well as those of his caregiver and other family members, as he struggles to regain his speech.

Why do I have a feeling that she'l eventually receive an award for her "Shan...non Stands On A Table And Asks 'Can't We All Respect The Special Needs?'" strips?
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Friday, September 21st

Back to Mike and Merrie in today's strip. We find out that one of Merrie's bedtime companions is a remote control that she calls "Buttons", so that she can use it to turn the channel when she doesn't like a dream that she's having. I'm going to ASSume that she's going to bed and that tomorrow will be a Liz/Wimpthony strip.

Meanwhile, in today's installment of Funky Cancercancer: Holly, Linda and Jess(?) bring food and other services for Les and Summer. Les is touched, as he thanks them for their generosity; Holly says not to thank them until he has Linda's taco lasagna, which might be a joke since Linda has a smirk on her face.