September 14th, 2007

  • curugon

Saturday, September 15

I'm no Foobian expert, so without resorting to peeking through the archives, I'll hazard a guess that this is actually the original art, but recolored. And just look at chinnuts! He's so thin and vibrant - see kids, here lesson here is to never, ever grow old.

Panel One: Ah, we're back to the good old days, of screwy perspective and anatomical impossibilities. And watch out in the bottom right corner Marion, Liz brought a Tribble with her!

Panel Two: Definitely the old lettering. And where the hell is grampa's left hand going?

Panel Three: Nice. It's a good thing Marion and Jim never had kids of their own, otherwise they'd know how much crap the "baby's things" consists of. /sarcasm

Panel Four: I'm having a hard time tearing my eyes away from that scary, yellow doll-thing in her arms. One grotesque, oversized limb is hanging out, possibly offering to help carry that suitcase.

Original art, revised art, recolored art... my world is freakin upside down. Tomorrow, expect the entire strip to be presented in claymation.