September 13th, 2007

  • curugon

Friday, September 14th

You may know better than me, but this looks like one of those strips where the art has been redrawn and recolored to "match" the newer style. However I'm gladly proven wrong, as my college professors enjoyed doing.

Panel One: Mikey's running ahead, apparently to get onto a different plane. Ah, the days of relaxed airport security. Meanwhile, a creepy priest is hauling an oversized black portfolio; its contents I don't even want to speculate on.

Panel Two: Aaah!! The priest is now sitting next to them! Run, Mikey! Also, apparently Elly has turned into Super Mom, based on the red napkin around her neck. Will Mike throw her around the cabin?

Panel Three: Michael's innate ability of enjoying other people's misery was evidently manifest at an early age. I guess we should have seen the resemblance:

Panel Four: Oh Lynn, you tease us one moment with your distaste for body-function jokes, and then you let us savor the visual of little Lizzie barfing up some green and red... thing. Irony, thy name is Johnson.

In other "news," the official FBOFW site tells us that September 15th marks the sixth year of Mike & Dee's blessed union. They celebrate in their own way, you decide how to celebrate in yours.

So this Saturday night, raise a box of your favorite wine in a toast to Canada's #1 reason for never, ever dating your grade-school sweetheart.