September 12th, 2007

  • curugon

Thursday, September 13

We all know Dee has her numerous escapes from the absolute hell of reality that surrounds her - drinking, mostly - but it seems the years of heavy pot smoking up in the attic while Mike jams his fingers against the keyboard has finally taken its toll on her short term memory. The incident with the bear and potted plant is forever wiped from her consciousness, much to Mike's pleasure.

I'm not going to panel-analyze today's strip - mainly because it f**ing bores me - but I will point out that we're heading into some serious flashback territory. I'm glad too... I'm actually very curious about Marian. It also means the return of Chinnuts, pre-boxcar!

I'll end today's short post with something we can all enjoy - heavy violence inflicted upon Michael Patterson!

Edit #1: So apparently that's not Mike, but Eric. Am I to understand Liz dated her brother's doppelganger? I need a shower.

Edit #2: I promised Patterson violence, so here it is, courtesy of Photoshop.