September 11th, 2007

  • curugon

Wednesday, September 12

First off, a thank you to Steve for informing us of the highly entertaining Lynn interview podcast. A whole range of excellent comments in that thread, so check 'em out.

Guess what? We've been "treated" to a brand spanking new FBOFW today! You can blame yesterday's tangent of how I enjoy encountering the classic strips for the first time. My bad - I jinxed it.

Panel One: Listen people, throwing stuffed bears, even of the Super variety, is not without its victims:

Looks like Merrie tossed that sucker rather hard the second time out. Oh no, I hope that didn't fry Mike's computer and erase all his other "brilliant" stories!

Panel Two: I kind of like how the teddy seems to be recoiling away from Mike. He possibly thinks he'll end up in the cess pipes, like Ned.

Panel Three: I need to unsee this panel. Immediately. (grabs whiskey bottle)

Panel Four: Monkey see, monkey do. Monkey screwed.

Panel Five: Mike clearly is visualizing his next book: Tosser, wherein a young girl must overcome her negligent upbringing and discover her innate ability of bear-tossing. This courageous sprite must travel to the Yukon and practice her skill with a tribe of hard-drinkin' experts:

Lessons are learned, truths are told, humans are mauled.