September 7th, 2007

Prepare to be gobsmacked.

New interview with Lynn, linked at the official site. I'll skip all the ramblings about the hybrid and get to the big revelation.

I have a new life. My husband and I have separated. I am now free to do just about anything I want to do. We still communicate. We still have children in common. It’s a positive thing for both of us. And I just see so many things in the future.

Gee, sounds like a possible storyline for “For Better or for Worse.”

No, not a chance. I only want to live through this once.

Holy sheepshit. This puts a LOT of things in perspective.

Saturday, September 8

Has anyone found Saturday's strip on any website, yet? Yahoo is a little slow in updating tonight.

There it is! Just a second...


Panel 1: Whoa, here we go. Hybrid time, for reals! Or that's how it looks. The art is old but the lettering is new, presumably pasted over the original lettering? We have baby Liz on a blanket, sucking on a bottle, and Mike is doing the same. Okay, that's a bit ridiculous. It's totally realistic for an older child to be jealous of a new sibling and do a bit of reverting back to a younger age, but actually drinking from a bottle and curling up into the fetal position? At age 4 or 5? Does this happen? (ETA: Okay, maybe he's not really serious- he's just trying it out to see what it's like to be a baby, like with the drooling that's to follow in Panel 3.)

Panel 2: They're grinning at each other. Okay, I admit it. It's cute.

Panel 3: Now Mike's drooling, just like his baby sister. Not so cute.

Panel 4: Original lettering. Mike admits that babyhood isn't anything special. Hm. I'm not laughing, but it's not bad.