September 5th, 2007

Thursday, September 6

I just realized I haven't been putting the strip date at the top of my entries. Whoops! I'll start doing that.

Panel 1: Merrie suddenly looks about five years older. Maybe Mike's long stories have caused her to age prematurely. Mike's arm is frighteningly delicate; how can it support the weight of his head?

Panel 2: Not much to say here- just information we already knew, I think.

Panel 3: Normally I hate how Lynn has to slip a silhouette into 80% of her strips, but it works here, for some reason.

Panel 4: Was the Pill around in the mid-seventies? (Never mind; I just looked. It was.) I only ask because I was going to make a joke about Elly having the same "surprise" as Dee did with her first pregnancy... but I think Elly truly is shocked here, birth control or no birth control. But what is the punchline, exactly? I guess it's just a bit of suggestive humor. Of course a 20-something woman would know how "it" happened. Elly looks a lot like Liz here, but John is starting to look like the John we all know and don't love. What is that hand-shaped thing hanging from their ceiling? And somebody please water that plant!