September 1st, 2007

Ack! I forgot!

Forgot that Sunday is the day of the turnover, not Monday! insanitypepper takes it from here, assuming you haven't gotten tired of waiting. And let's have a big hand for spotts1701!

ETA: And now I have to apologize to spotts. It was an honest mistake; I wasn't trying to rob you of a day's hosting! I'm just a foob, that's all. You still have posting privleges!

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Hey there everyone! It sure feels different being on this side of the snark. Let’s see what Lynn has for us today.

Panel 1: April is looking at backpacks. Not much to see here. Those are some crazy color combinations, though. They look like something a grade-schooler would want. I know I’ve seen some teenagers carrying packs that are deliberately too “young” for them (i.e., covered in Care Bears or other characters), but I would think most of them would want something simple (i.e., not fluorescent).

Panel 2: “Cool.” This guy has probably sold 4857947893 backpacks since July, but April’s purchase is extra, extra special for some reason. Now that’s customer service! Or maybe he's just honored that a Patterson is patronizing his business. Interesting that April picked the ugliest pack of them all. Then again, we all know the Patterson women have questionable fashion taste, to say the least.

Panel 3: Speaking of fashion, are the kids even wearing cropped midriff-baring tops anymore? I thought the long eighties-style shirts were all the rage.

Panel 4: Oh boy, here it comes. Another “I just can’t understand kids today and their silly gadgets” joke. Wait for it.... wait for it....

Panel 5: Unnecessary silhouette. Mega payload area? That sounds almost as dirty as "going roadside".

Panel 6: Good thing Elly has April there to show her that backpacks are for loading up with stuff.

Panel 7: Okay, is it really THAT heavy? Sheesh, Apes, you’ve been working at the farm all summer. Haven’t you been lifting bales of hay and mucking out stalls?

Panel 8: “Is this a great invention, or what?” It’s just a backpack. This is boring. I deserve a cookie for making it this far.

Panel 9: Okay, so the “kids and their gadgets” joke never quite panned out. Instead it’s commentary on how kids have to lug around 30 pounds of school supplies on their backs as if they were dromedary camels. Fair enough point; I see news stories on this very topic every year. But why is Elly just standing there, watching April walk around the kitchen like this? And why does April look like she’s about to vomit?

Edit: I just saw cookie77's edit to the last entry, so spotts, if you were supposed to do this strip, I'm sorry! :( You can do tomorrow's if you want, if that doesn't cause too much confusion, otherwise I guess we can just proceed as if nothing happened..... *shifty eyes*