August 28th, 2007

FOOB Fighters is here!

From hoppytoad79:

The day many have anxiously awaited has finally arrived! No, not Liz dumping Anthony. No, April isn't moving out and telling her parents where to pack it. No, Mike hasn't woken up to what a crap writer he is and decided to find another line of work. *sigh* Okay, my news isn't as fabulous as all that, but it's still pretty cool. I have finally gotten around to creating a community for FOOBian parody and satire, foobfighters. Come, bring your parody and satire in all its fabulous forms! Do not let Lynn's oversized ego and undersized sense of humor staunch the flow of our creative juices!

Wednesday, August 29

Panel 1: Yep, done with the farm.  Now we get thought bubbles of doom (aka Inner Monologue).

Panel 2: Still monologuing...

Panel 3: Still boring...getting sleepy...

Panel 4: I really have got to learn how to express my thought bubbles as objects...

Panel 5: And after all that talk about independence, being a woman, etc.  April naturally dives into JSTF's arms crying "Daddy!"  Yep, just like Liz...talks a good game, but can't back up her bravado with actions.