July 27th, 2007

(no subject)

And welcome to Saturday! I apologise for posting late. For some reason my refresh button didn't load the update as usual. I have a feeling that the hair clog I pulled out of my bathtub drain will be far more interesting then today's comic. And I have waist length hair.

Panel one: You were awesome gush gush gush! On the upside, if April's song is done, perhaps will get a different story next week?

Panel two: Ooooh, Becky not only compliments April but to her face as well! This could be interesting, maybe we'll see actual character development? On the other hand she may be talking about April's magical face stretching abilities. Compared to yesterday's April's cheekbones look like they've grown about an inch. She also looks like she's got elf ears. Shannon, on the other hand looks as if her face was made of play-doh.

Panel three: Oh holy crap! I did not catch the full Rebecca outfit! This isn't just a throw back to the 80s, if you're looking at yahoo, it's 80's on acid with the teal skirt and the bright pink top. Wow, just wow. If there are any Lynnions out there reading this, have you done any research at all into today's pop culture? I suggest you do a little google search here and there. Rebecca looks like some sort of bizarre cosplay. Wow, my eyes hurt. Which is an interesting contrast to April, who just looks dull as dirt. Gerald, however, seems a little too excited standing next to the two girls, as if he thinks he's getting a threesome tonight.

Panel four: Shannon and April have play-doh faces again. April's looks all squished in, as if someone placed thier hands on either side of her head and just pushed inward. Shannon's as if someone grabbed both sides and pulled. Thank you Eva for revealing yourself to be the troublemaker I always knew you to be. I just hope April realizes it as well.

Panel five: No, wait, it looks like an apology from Rebecca. Nevermind that she didn't really do anything wrong other then take a chance and be successful at a solo career. Please Becky, before you take a big bite of humble pie, check the receipt. I think it belongs to April and Eva.

And of course this end the dailies for the week. I wouldn't mind seeing this continue since it looks like the ending to a character arc. But my guess is next week we'll either see Gramps struggle with his aphixia. (sp?) or the Love-oclypse in full bloom. Place your bets!