July 26th, 2007

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I'm sorry, I've got a late night phone call. Snark away and I'll comment when I'm done.

Panel one: Oh gods we're getting the song *groans* 2 of a kind? I know you're trying to be trendy and cool, Lynn, but since she's speaking it makes more sense to just write out "two" Eva's hair is apparently streaked with urine. And I love the big yellow sun that's in the background.

Panel two: There's a difference in our faces 'cause that's who we are? Who the hell writes this stuff? This song is a pretty generic guilt ridden, gee why are people so mean to each other sappy pop song. Though considering that April probably wrote it at the last minute for a telethon for a generic cause, I suppose that's excusable. Still, if I were her, I wouldn't want to be playing it on tv. If this were the real world, in ten years or so she'd never be able to live it down. I also love how April is shoved into the side of the panel. It's not like she's the main character or anything!

Panel three: Finally a close up! Though it should have been at a point where she's interacting with someone so we can get a clear idea of her emotions. And oh look, the lips of beauty are coming along nicely. I wonder if there's a connection between a Patterson female's lips and how much she's sacrificed for her one true love?

Panel four and five: Someone ought to tell the Lynnions that the eighties are over. I also love how Gerald is looking at Rebecca in panel five. I'm not sure if he's amused or trying really hard not to look down her shirt.
Awww, Rebecca admits that Apes has talent. See, she's not evil after all!
Now she'll apologise for ever leaving the band and ask if April wants to try a career in music but of course April will turn it down and Gerald, who might have been considering it will all reject the idea. After all good old Millbourgh is so perfect, who'd want to leave?