July 25th, 2007

(no subject)

Good evening and welcome to day three of the tele-a-guilt. Barf bags will be provided for your convenience.

Panel one: Rebecca just looks weird in the panel. I'm not sure if it's the weird side angle that the panel is shown at. Or if it's the glammed up look that she's trying to go for but to me she looks Asian. The announcer looks weird too with his eyes closed. But everyone loves Rebecca! Everyone expect the Pattersons and their allies.

Panel two: Give! Give! Give! Though, it sure would be nice if they explained what exactly the cause was for. I'd also like it if the announcer opened his eyes because he just looks stoned.

Panel three: Please don't feed the ego beast April. The sooner he's out of your hair the better off you'll be.

Panel four: Glurge alert! I repeat this is a glurge alert! Please ready your barf bags.

Panel five: Oh gods no! Not only did she say an incredibly corny line, she said it looking right at Shannon! And good old Shannon and her mom just happen to be sitting next to an Asian girl (or is that one of the special needs kids, I'm not sure) and of course good old "I cooked an egg all by myself" Jack is there too. I think his forehead is growing. Maybe we'll get a flowers for Algernon type story with Jack sometime soon. After all it's not like the Lynnions have any other important stories to wrap up in a month's time to get on with! Hand me one of those bags, I'm gonna be sick!