July 21st, 2007

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Okay, I'm not going panel by panel here, as there is really isnt a lot in this one. Basically, Mike ande Meredith compare photographs to those on disk, i.e. the always "we mean to print them but oops!" I can't fault because I do the same on my phone. This actually isn't too bad, aside from the explicit description of digital tech to print pictures, but on the whole not the worst. I choose not to snark today. It is sweet, there's no poo or pee jokes, and it's almost reminescent of Classic FOOB.

ETA: So, I picked up a shift at my old job last night, and this was done on their bar computer, which is really sticky. Sorry for all those typos, and the lateness, but I did want to try and get it up quickly.

And I still like it, although, I AM tired of people constantly repeating in their minds what someone says. Mike simply holding his kids and thinking, "That's right," or something like that would have been better. As far as this week's arc goes, though, this was the least lame, so I let it go.
martini girl

Early Post

I have not looked at the Sunday strip yet, but I wanted to open this thread for others to talk about it.

See you in 3.5 hours (more or less)!

ETA: First off, I want to thank everyone for their support and compliments this week. I know the strip was at its most dull, and you could have chose to take the week off, but instead you all hung in there. I've really enjoyed posting and getting everyone's feedback, and Cookie, if you need someone after the current scheduling is done, I'm more than happy to do it again.

This community is great, and a lot of you contributed to further musings, included history, and in some moments, temporarily did my job for me while my computer pulled a Robin, while i tried to type on a bar computer after a night of accepting "You're our favorite server! Have a shot!" nights, and the general internal monolouge of, "oh God, will anyone even bother?" The FOOBiverse is full of class acts, and you're all troopers.

And now.... on to my *sniff* final posting.

PANEL 1: Anthony is a blonde? Thought he was a redhead, but whatever. Except that between shaving the mustache, and now bleaching his hair, i'm guessing he's slowly going metro. Frncoise is all legs, and I would expect her to suddenly be pulled up into a swing, like what my parents did when I little, but i can't see Liz being as spontaneous and fun like that. Also, I'm sure it's probably not safe, and could lead to her arms being dislocated, and maybe LJ has had enough of showing harm to children this week and decided to take a break. Liz has nurse's shoes, it looks like, but her outfit isn't bad. She's even showing some leg.

PANEL 2: Silhouette shot! And it looks like I was wrong about them not being fun enough to do the swing. Ya got me, Lynn!

PANEL 3: Liz's purse has grown to diaper bag size. Here we see a metaphor for their future marriage: Anthony does the parenting, while Liz sits by and waits for attention to be paid to her. In the foreground, a shadow. I know, I know, it seems the person closer to the viewer would be visible, but apparently people staring intently at a family is not important. The shadow also has a shaved head that is now growing back, judging by the bits of hair sticking up.

PANEL 4: *Sigh* why do we never have talking in Sundays, unless it's about yard sales? Anyway, they are walking. Francoise is in the stroller. Anthony is carrying the purse; a metaphor for his future position as a henpecked husband/father, like the one in Virgin Suicides. *Note: I do not think a man carrying a purse signals weakness, but we are talking about Anthony here.

PANEL 5: Butterfly! Francoise is in pink and purple. She resembles Therese, which means there's hope for her looks.

PANEL 6: I guess the flower grow low, and Francoise is kneeling? At first glance I thought she was being held up, then I thought she was hovering, and now, I'm going with kneeling. So, judging from that angle I guess LiznAnthony are leaning far far back and smiling at each other. Oh, this is so sweet! Francoise has the first sign of Lips O' Loveliness. Uh oh.

PANEL 7: Liz has a Frankenstein top of head. We are in shadows again. Boy nothing says "Lazy artist" like a bunch of shadows, leaving it up to the colorist to provide an interesting background.

By the way, it is wonderful to date a guy who has a child. What would you expect her to say, dude? I know what I would say here: "Boring!" Compare the Sunday Paul strip with this one. The former had more detail and was so great, plus Paul was easy on the eyes, if you know what I mean..and I think you do.

PANEL 8: Pink has taken over Francie, who is really pursuing the elusive butterfly. The butterfly represents our interest in this arc. As much as Lynn tries to grab our hearts and loyalties for this relationship, we stay ever out of reach.

Anthony likes to wait till his child meets his new girlfriend before having the "This could complicate things, are you sure you can do it?" talk. Well, we knew he sucked at timing.

Uh-oh, it's the pun set-up!

PANEL 9: Liz thinks life will be as easy as this. Liz is, as ever, a moron. Oh la, everything is so idyllic, nothing will ever be tough being a stepmom and entering an established family. Ugh.

And...that's it! Thanks again everyone, for sticking it out, and sticking with me. Good luck next week!

Now go get Gingersnaps some bourbon.


floramel, are you there? I didn't realize until now that you hadn't joined this LJ! I can't give you access until you do, and it's your week. And this is a heck of a time for me to announce it, but I'm going out of town tomorrow!

Meanwhile, thanks be to gingersnaps for toughing it out this week! Here's bourbon: \_/