July 20th, 2007

martini girl

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Sorry for the delay, everyone. My computer decided to take a big poop on its own Internet connection, or as we call it around here, "doing a Robin." Good thing that LiveJournal saves your drafts apparently, or you'd be getting this even later.

Now on to the reading!

PANEL 1: "Farley was BIG, Meredith! But not too big to be KILLED!" You KNOW you put that last thought in too.

PANEL 2: Meredith asks for clarification. For such a gifted writer, Mike sure is a horrible storyteller. And I say "gifted" as in I'm not surprised at how dull he is. Is he measuring from the floor or the table?

...Wait I just realized. Mike is spending time with one of the children without acting like he is the most martyiest martyr in all of Martyrdom? Apparently Meredith has already learned the key to getting your way with men with fragile egos: Ask all about them and act wonderous at everything they say. his works great at bars, plus if you giggle a lot, you can easily shave six years off your age without them raisin an eyebrow. This setback in feminism has been brought to you by [i] Stoned Season [i]. Reserve your copy today!

PANEL 3: Do you know Tig Nataro? She played the lesbian cop in that one episode of the Sarah Silverman Program where Sarah thinks she a lesbian? Here is a wiki on here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tig_Notaro. Okay, so I know Mike is maybe a leeetle more softer, more, shall we say, pampered looking, but you do agree that there is a resemblance? Like if they were in a teen movie, Tig would be the tomboy that everyone is scared of but is really cool and a lot nicer than she lets people see, and Mike would be the snotty princess who is supposed to be the knockout but you notice that under all the makeup, that actress is really the more unattractive? I'm just saying, Mike's an unattractive woman, is all.

The gaping black holes LJ passes off as mouths ilk really annoy me.


*I honestly believe the panel itself was recently drawn. However, this is pretty much what we can expect. And you know, I'm glad. I'm fucking glad you know? Because, with all the other storylines having been wrapped up so completely, I was all, "Damn, what are we going to do till September? I guess there'll just be these four or five blank panels until then. That sucks."

Well, obviously every Lynnion who's told us we are big snobby jerky jerks who sit around drinking our fancy Chablis with our pinkies in the air and nibbline on Brie and are too snobby to understand Lynn's work was right. Does this look like someone who's "burnt out," who "doesn't care about her characters, strip, or readers," or "phoning it in because she's too busy collecting awards and counting her money"? Shame on us. Shame on ALL of us for doubting her. I can't believe we only get one more day of this! I mean, unless the Sunday strip consists of a bunch of old strips piled all higgeldy-piggeldy on top of each other, making it possible for us to read bits and pieces of each with no coherence, then in the lower right hand corner, a Patterspawn say something cute and innocent while a Patterparent looks either gobsmacked or has a condescending smile. Oh man, that would rock.