July 16th, 2007

martini girl

Monday, July 16, 2007

First off, thank you Adriane for your keen insight and great emoticons this past week! Unfortunately, I do not have such great icons, but hopefully I can ease the pain that this comic so often brings.

Right now, I'm opening this up just in case anyone beats me to the reading and wants to post; however, I will not be reading any posts until mine is in, to make sure that I don't unintentionally "borrow."

One more note: unlike the posts you have gotten used to from me, I have avoided imbibing, as that would not be very professional. So, you may actually be able to read my posts.

See you soon!

ETA: Alright, we are off! I swear, Yahoo purposely waited ten extra minutes, just to test my patience!!

PANEL 1: And...it's THE HOUSENING!!! (cue duh duh duhh!!! music). Anyone surprised? No? And Dee is asking if Elly would mind if they took this wallpaper off; which, A) you two OWN the house, so she has no say, and B) if this was such a concern, perhaps you could have had the Delicate Genius look a little harder so you wouldn't have these questions.

Or, perhaps Dee is placating Mike with a stupid question so he can feel in charge, for once. Of course Mike rises to this with a "Little Wifey, of course we can" type comment.

Also, Mike has no eyes. And, if you were that concerned about the wallpaper, Dee, that question should have probably been asked BEFORE one was halfway through tearing it apart.

PANEL 2: Mike lists off all the things they can do together. I assume that by "they" he means "Dee, and whoever else I can sucker," since I have NEVER seen him do anything workwise (not counting the repairs he did for Lovey in exchange for rent reduction). Perhaps if his new book was one hearty carpenters of Ancient Japan, instead of sailors he might visit a Home Depot for research.

Meanwhile, Dee thinks Elly is sentimental over wallpaper, like Elly's even going to remember. Just paint it something that you can wipe crayon marks off easily, Dee. That's what you need to concentrate on.

PANEL 3: Dee wants the redesign the kitchen. Mike questions this. But he wanted to change the house? What is going on here? The suspense!

PANEL 4: Oh. Um...oh. He likes it the way it is. Whatever, you're going to be Attic Guy again in no time, like you give a damn or will even notice that she put on new cabinet doors as long as the basic layout is there.

So far, not interesting at all, much like most ofGenius and Doormat's storylines. So, who wants to lay the odds on the whole week being bleaghity blah blah blah for three panels and "Mike looks confused" for the last one.

And now, off to read the comments-there were already seven when I started! Yall don't waste time, do you?