July 14th, 2007

Saturday, July 14th

Yeah you know what ... I kind of don't care about the move right now.

Panel 1: Okay, granted, you've got the rug in your way but can't you see she's carrying something herself? And why are we doing this now, shouldn't we have done this on Monday?
Panel 2: ::Eyes roll right out of head:: Whatever.
Panel 3: Oo my. April's hair is rebelling against her, more so than usual. Everything is fixed, huh? That easy? In one day? I. Hate. This. Strip. Lalala.
Panel 4: HOLY MOLELY! What in heaven's name is wrong with Elly's neck!? Shadowing gone wrong. This strip is stupid, btw.
Panel 5: Can I go back to bed now?

Now I believe the proper term is, "The stupidity! IT BURNS!"

ETA: Oo Oo! Can we have a new tag called "The Holy Family"? Yeah that's just wrong ; )