July 10th, 2007

Wednesday, July 11th

Whatever I did to deserve this week I'm sorry! I won't do it again, I promise!

Troy is without power and as I live in Troy I won't have power when I go home and it's not supposed to be back on until tomorrow night so I am opening this thread now ...

Again, please, please, please don't post here until the new strip is up!!!

Thank you,

Edit: WooHoo! Powers on!
Edit2: I know what you're all probably thinking. You're all probably thinking, "Man! That girl, Adrianne, is one picky faced, spoiled brat! All she's done this week is complain! First it was that the strip was confusing, what with Eva thinking about the homeless in war torn countries; then it was that she didn't get lunch, ate dinner late, and was exhausted! And then if that wasn't enough she has the audacity to complain about the power going out in her city!" I know this is what you were thinking. I mean, there are people in "war torn countries" who would kill for electricity! They don't have any at all. I should be thankful for the electricity I have! And those countries, they have it a lot hotter than I do! And there are orphans and refugees in other countries that don't get a lunch or late dinner, they pick trash from landfills and are thankful for that!
Edit3: Awwwww! Damn you, Lynn! I can't find anything wrong with today's installment .