July 9th, 2007

Monday, July 9th

My name is Mud. I overslept! Boy it is a good thing I woke up! I totally slept through my alarm, apparently! Oops

It's the Housing but it's April too. ::Grumble::

Panel 1: Compliments and complaints.
Panel 2: ::Giggle:: That's right Eva, patronize her like any good friend would. I cannot sympathize with April. It's time to shut up and live with it. You sound like a freakin' baby now. You're how old?
Panel 3: Watch your feet! My eyes have rolled out of my head!
Panel 4: W. T. F?! WHAT!? ::Head desk:: I don't get it. Eva is now from a war torn country? It is just the hour that this confuses me? Perhaps her family is like a war zone?


Tuesday, July 10th

I am going to open this thread now on the off chance that I, again, oversleep as I am exhausted right now! I had a late dinner, no lunch, and met with the vocations people from the dioceses . I'm getting closer to my discernment, apparently, and this is terrifying me : )

Please, please, please! hold off on posting until the strip is out!!!


That's just not funny.

I noticed yesterday, I really like the black and white version a lot better than the color. I liked the way the headboard (Panel 2) was drawn in yesterday's strip. Anyhow.
Panel 1: Ooo! Let's get ready to rumble! I seriously expected a smack down from April in reply. I'm disappointed by the "True" ... April has lost her spine.
Panel 2: Okay. The "apartment" is still on, apparently, the tree hasn't taken that out of the equation, I honestly thought it might have. I really feel bad for April right now : (
Panel 3: Eva's reminding me of a wise grandmother in dialogue and hair/appearance. It's really disturbing. And I still feel sorry for April.
Panel 4 & 5: Which just doesn't make this strip funny. I don't think April deserved this kind of response and smack down . Today could have gone in so many different directions, this is a disappointment. What will tomorrow bring? I'm betting more of the same ...