July 5th, 2007


Friday, July 6

Panel 1: Huh...Anthony is stronger than he looks.

Panel 2: And Liz has that strange taffy-like face again.  Not to mention that the way she leaning must be murder on her back.  Well, it would be if there actually was a spine in there somewhere...

Panel 3: More kissing.  Better than more wooden dialog.  Though not much better on the old stomach.

Panel 4: And Dawn finally appears.  Well, I guess she was busy helping the other groomsmen drag Mason off to the back so he can sleep it off.  And Julia looks a little taller today.  Guess that dwarfism wears off once a Patterson determines you're not romantic competition.

Panel 5: So they ran...what, maybe 15 feet?  For a pair that wanted some privacy, they won't get it when everyone at the reception could still see them.

Unless they're exhibitionists.

...Oh dear lord.  Did I say that?  I need to go scrub the images from my brain now.